Well, at least SOMEONE will be well rested for Monday.

Well, at least SOMEONE will be well rested for Monday.

Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed with details that I  have left for too long without addressing I have to give myself the permission to “putter”. Mostly this means going around the house putting things into piles to be dealt with later: bills, receipts, letters that need to be responded to, books that need to be read and in what order…

Puttering isn’t exactly an accomplishment, but it always makes me feel better to do it: and at the moment I need all the calming influence I can get.

Yesterday was orientation for my graduate program at University of Southern California. Everything went well and my soon to be classmates all seem perfectly nice. Orientation consisted of speeches by the departmental chairs, followed by free lunch- probably the last free lunch we will get in the name of the program, followed by speeches by the different study track heads (editing, directing, cinematography, etc) followed by a safety seminar.

In the course of the day much advice was given:



Play Nice.

No, you can’t use a crane.

Go home this weekend and get a lot of sleep. Because you won’t be getting much sleep for the next three years.

This last tidbit certainly stuck in mind. Ever since I heard it I have been debating with myself whether it is better to begin classes well rested or well organized: because this weekend can only be dedicated to accomplishing one of these two things. I’m still playing catch-up from being out of town and from several projects that I was working on over the summer: not to mention keeping up with the general maintenance of everyday life.

That’s where the puttering comes in.

I finally decided that I needed to square away as many details as I possible could so that my literal and proverbial desk was clean when I started classes. Just organizing everything into stacks turned the workload into manageable tasks that I could potentially accomplish and be done with.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 24, 2013.

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