Flex That Power

Oh what a world! What a world!

Oh what a world! What a world!

I thought that today I would attempt to write something that isn’t “OMG GRAD SCHOOL” for a change. After thirty minutes of procrastinating, puttering, dithering, and staring into space I had narrowed my choices down to two topics: an article that I recently read proclaiming that I have been pooping wrong for my entire life (apparently you’re supposed to squat, not sit) or the fact that I’m sweating prodigiously. Either way it was going to deal with something being extruded from my body.

I have opted to write about the sweating.

You’re welcome, I’m sure.

I am a Prodigious Sweater. That would be my nickname if I wanted to talk about myself: The Curmudgeonly Lion and the Prodigious Sweater. Athletes often have this problem. Our bodies are used to warming up quickly and needing to keep cool under strenuous activity. This is great for training, but the side effect is that even a hot cup of coffee can send me into beading, pooling sweats.

I’ve been living in a state of perpetual dampness for several days now. It seems that the summertime heat of southern California has finally kicked into gear. The past few days have been in the high eighties, and as an expatriate Chicagoan I feel like a wuss for thinking that is “really hot” considering that the past few days in Chicago have been in the mid nineties.

But the high eighties is plenty hot when you are too cheap to turn on the air conditioner and your apartment gets no airflow. Thanks to my inherent tightwaddery I don’t really need much more incentive to hold out on air conditioning until conditions actually become unlivable. However California likes to have “Flex Alerts” during the summer in which the power company encourages users to conserve as much power as possible during the day.

As if it weren’t enough to merely¬†suggest that we conserve power through a Flex Alert, however, we are also looking forward to a day of Planned Power Outages this weekend. According to the announcement that we got in the mail this is for the maintenance of the power grid and related structures and wouldn’t last more than twelve hours. I suppose I’d rather have a Planned Power Outage that I can prepare for with ice blocks and lots of reading material rather than just having the power give out with no warning, but late August seems like an unkind time to choose to do it.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 28, 2013.

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