Alice Knows...

Alice Knows…

Challenge 12: Describe Your Most Embarrassing Moment

I’m going to skip ahead a bit in my 30 Day Challenge topics to hit on my Most Embarrassing Moment because I recently had to put this most embarrassing moment into words for a writing class. Typically in the course of this class we are expected to have our work read aloud, so after tomorrow I may have a new Most Embarrassing Moment, but in the meantime I thought I would share what I’ve got.

At my high school, the Monday after Prom weekend was traditionally known as Senior Ditch Day. As the school year drew to a close and the senior class drew closer to graduation this was a day when school authorities allowed themselves to be a bit nearsighted about class attendance and pranks.

The weekend was just another weekend to me. I hadn’t been invited to the Prom so I didn’t go and I didn’t feel sorry: I’d gone the year before and that had been enough. When Monday rolled around it was just another Monday. I drove to the school early. Nobody was around, but that was normal: I liked to arrive early enough to have time to myself before classes started.

It wasn’t until my first class that I realized something was wrong: I was the only one there. It was me and my teacher.

“Oh,” he said. “You’re here.”


It was a conversation that I had seven more times with seven more teachers: each time arriving to class and each time discovering that the classroom was empty except for me and the teacher and, in Government class, that one weird kid that no one talked to.

I debated leaving early, but I didn’t have anything better to be doing: I’d already spent half the day in empty classrooms. I was a few weeks away from needing to finish an AP art portfolio and decided that was as good a reason as any to stick around.

“Besides,” I reassured myself. “I’m the only one here. No one will know.”

The next day was back to normal. I pretended that I’d spent the day at home just like everybody else and no one seemed to be any the wiser.

It was AP English class when somebody asked: “So did anyone show up yesterday?”

I didn’t even know I was dreading the question until I heard it. I froze in some instinct that to be very still was to be very unnoticeable, staring at my desktop in the futile hope that if I couldn’t see anything then nobody could see me. I prayed silently that the teacher would say nothing- would do nothing.

No one has to know No one has to know No one has to know.

The teacher didn’t say anything, but must have nodded in my direction. I didn’t see it. I could feel all the eyes in the room homing in on me full of pity or distain: that I had been stupid enough to have been the only person to go to classes on the day I could have gotten away with staying home. Stupid little goody two shoes: doesn’t even ditch on Senior Ditch Day.

Someone sitting beside me tried to be nice:

“Good for you.” He said.

But it didn’t feel good for me. I didn’t look at him and I didn’t say anything. And I didn’t look at anyone or say anything for the rest of the day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “Ablush”

  1. I’m sorry I made you go to school on Senior Ditch Day….


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