Covered In Cats

Although it is becoming the exception instead of the rule, there are a few days during the week when I am able to stay home and gather my wits. Its becoming an increasingly rare treat to just Be Home for a few hours without also trying to accomplish anything and no one appreciates their time at home like me- except maybe the cats.

Between all the travel and the start of classes and various out-of-class production obligations I haven’t been around very much and the cats have noticed. Now, when I do have the chance to stay home they follow me from room to room like two feline chaperones protecting my ladylike virtue.

“Oh,” they seem to say. “You’re going to the living room now, are you? Maybe we’ll just tag along to keep you out of trouble.”

If I’ve only left them alone for a few hours of the day then they are content to just lurk in the doorway, paws tucked beneath them like black-and-tortoiseshell kitty-loaves. If I get up to cross the room their heads snap around to see if I might be heading for the door. If they had fingers they would be pointing, DeNero-like to their eyes and then at me to suggest We’re Watching You.

If classes have kept me out of the house for half of the day or more, however, they  are not merely content to just have eyes on me. Oh no. Nothing less than my undivided attention will do. They will loll across the middle of my desk, drawing board, kitchen table (getoffthetable!!!) or chair in an effort to remind mine of their existence.

When that doesn’t work I find myself coveted in cats: lap, shoulder, feet…wherever they can perch to get my attention and prevent new from getting out of my chair they will do it.

I suppose there are worse fates to suffer, but if you’ll excuse me, I can’t write anymore…. I am covered in cats.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 27, 2013.

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