First Shot


BOUNCE! pogopogopogpogopogo JUMP! pogopogopogopogopogo JUMP !BOUNCE! UP! DOWN!

Yesterday was my first shoot for a graduate school production. It was a scene recreation from an existing film and the point of the exercise was to get some experience directing actors rather than trying to put together brilliant cinematography or art direction or lighting. Even knowing that it was “just a directing scene” didn’t seem to help my nerves much. Really anybody who has followed my blog for the past five weeks must think that I’m a nervous wreck for all the times I’ve written about anxiety and nerves and stress, but then again those nerve wracking times seem to be the things that weigh on my mind the most heavily.

So I was a nervous wreck, but everything went smoothly and with luck I will have some good work to show for it. I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my classmates for the first time. She was a great help running the camera while I focused on the actors although I had to take on running the boom mike myself after discovering how much ambient noise the microphone was picking up from the neighbors. I swear that microphone hears through walls better than it hears what is happening right in front of it: I could hear the Curmudgeonly Lion sneeze in the other room and the kid upstairs running laps through the apartment like a centipede wearing tap shoes and the neighbor’s kid outside who managed to pogo stick for fifteen minutes straight without interruption- an impressive feat, no doubt, but not very helpful for capturing production sound.

If there’s one thing that I learned it is that I will need to learn to be very efficient with my shots in the future. The media cards that we have been given for our cameras only seem to hold about 16 minutes of footage. It makes for a very modest number of shots that can be acquired in a given evening. Another thing that I’ve learned is that if I’m going to be offering the actors a home cooked meal as part of their compensation then I’m going to need to figure out more home cooked meals that can be prepared in advance and heated up quickly so that they don’t have to sit around waiting too long.

Every experience is a learning experience 🙂


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 29, 2013.

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