Rainbow Pizza

Pizza with Ms Vampy- How lucky are we?

Pizza with Ms Vampy- How lucky are we?

Recently we had the chance to get caught up with an actress friend: Brook Lewis of
Ms Vampy” fame, at the Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard. We hadn’t had an opportunity to visit with her since last November in spite of many attempts to try to find the time to do so. We had originally planned to get together just before last Christmas, and since I didn’t have her current mailing address and I knew I would be seeing her soon I held on to her Christmas card to give to her in person.

Little did I know I was going to be holding on to it for almost ten months.

Our long overdue visit was great fun: she had recommended the Rainbow as a place with good food and worth the trip for the people-watching. Situated, as it is, between the Roxy and the Key club it certainly had a rock and roll feel to it. Our friend knew the doorman, Charlie, who waived the usual entrance fee which consists of buying two drink tickets in order to gain entry. Not that it made much difference: we ordered a few beers and a margarita anyway.

“They have the best pizza here!” She told us, after telling us that she really shouldn’t be eating pizza considering that, as a Scream Queen, October is her busiest month for appearances.

We were skeptical about her claims about the pizza. We’re Chicagoans after all. This must have shown on our faces.

“Well, it’s really good for LA pizza.” She amended.

She was right too: we ordered a medium to split between the three of us and it was more than enough- in itself a huge perk. The cheese was thick and the mushrooms were fresh and if the crust was a little limp in the middle we weren’t too proud to overlook it. It really was quite good for LA pizza. We discovered the reason later in the evening when the manager, Mike, stopped by the table to say hi. He too was a Chicagoan and we chatted a bit about the hometown and agreed that it is really difficult to go wrong in finding a restaurant in Chicago. Clearly this was someone who wouldn’t let bad food be served in any restaurant he managed; and he’d been managing the Rainbow for decades.

We made it an early night since we all had a busy schedule for the weekend, but promised to meet up again in November once the Fear Fest season died down.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Rainbow Pizza”

  1. I was unable to see how amazing your red hair is until now. 🙂 I am unfamiliar with Ms Vampy. She looks a bit like a Valerie Bertanelli. How short is she/tall are you? I am curious about this Rainbow Pizza. But, the drink vouchers seem unnecessary. I wouldn’t appreciate that aspect. I prefer to enjoy my pizza without a buzz. 🙂 If she’s worried about packing on the carbs, she could always take wing around town for a night or two:P

    • There is a bit of a height difference, Lol, but she makes up for it by having a big personality. The drink tickets might just be a Friday/Saturday night thing to prevent concert goers from just filling up a table and eating bread all evening, but I’m sure it says on their website.

      • Oh, I can tell she’s full of…something:) hehe

        That makes sense…defer the loiterers and save space for those who care about the place enough to dig a lil deeper. It must be in a hot spot for such things as concert birds?

        So, really, what’s the height difference? 😀

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