Oh just a little something I did in my spare time...

I started doodling in class today.

It has been ages since I’ve drawn anything so I’m not sure where the sudden impulse came from but I suddenly felt like drawing something. Although I make an effort to pay attention to my professors with the kind of laser like intensity that I ought to be giving them (considering the cost of tuition around here) I occasionally find that lectures are a good time to draw because the two activities use separate enough parts of my brain that I can put lines on paper while still listening attentively.

First I drew a tiny little person sleeping on the margin of my to do list. Evidently sleeping was on my mind. The figure was only about an inch long and drawn in ball point pen, not high art by any stretch of the imagination. But I wasn’t happy with it.

I contend that artists are not good doodlers. Doodling is an art form all of it’s own based on train-of-thought and abstract themes and motifs. The point of doodling is to just let the pen wander and to see what comes of it. My youngest sister is a fantastic doodler. I secretly (well, not secretly now) hoard her doodles like artwork that I am planning to invest in because I find it so impressively different from anything that I would be able to do.  Artists like to draw things. Representational things. So my doodle had turned into a life drawing of a reclining nude and I was not pleased with how the feet had turned out.

So I drew some more feet- bigger this time. The first foot turned out OK and then the leg looked stupid. Then I tried to draw the other foot laying across the first one and it was the wrong angle. So then I drew a third foot right over the second one and I was pretty pleased with that one.

The first leg still bothered me though. So then I drew another leg- from foot to buttock to try to get the leg angle right. The buttock took a lot of shading. I’m not very good at drawing buttocks because I always get embarrassed when I try to do them. They say that, as an artist, you tend to make figures look like yourself and I always worry that I might be drawing my own buttocks. Then I start to wonder if I really feel comfortable sharing that kind of thing with the casual observer.

Et cetera.

I decided it was time to move on to hands. Hands are hard. Fingers have a lot of joints and curve in very specific ways depending on what the other fingers are doing. Thumbs are in a club all by themselves. Thumbs are the libertarians of the hand. Thumbs are the weird goth kids from high school who hang out under the bleachers while everyone else is attending the pep rally.

So whatever, hands are hard. Doodling is hard. Buttocks are awkward to draw.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Doodling”

  1. I thought doodling was squiggles, triangles and squares divided into triangles, etc. Your work is art. 😛

  2. Well then I am not a doodler or fan of doodles:P Doodling used to be a family fun exercise of the imagination. Now, people have made money off stupid books on the stuff:P Here’s a blank page; fill it. Way to go publishing company I won’t mention!:P

    I don’t know if I would doodle in class now as I did in high school and grade school. I used to try drawing my teachers for a potential comic strip. I had quite the collection of one teacher who really worked me to the bone. I nearly failed his class. So, my thought is to avoid the in-class doodling:P But, I know the temptation when we are preoccupied. Particularly with romantic thoughts. When I was crushing on someone, I was prone to draw hearts and wings and portraits with big boobs:P

    I cannot imagine drawing a butt:P At least, not without drawing the rest of the person…unless you look at one notebook I have with a butthead guy:P I made a notebook of what I called “play-on-word jokes”. And, one was a guy with a butt for a head. I used to doodle in one notebook and take my notes in the other so teachers didn’t punish me for drawing on my work.

    You do nice hands.

    I don’t think I draw my own features. As much as I have looked at myself in a mirror, I haven’t mastered myself:P But, I do have what might be construed a consistent style. People used to tell me all my faces or characters look alike. I hated when they said that:P I also don’t like not having a style. I envy cartoonists who can draw a full character with a Sharpie and no pencil sketch underneath…and in so little time. I am a slow artist.

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