Too Much Happy

Go on: tell me how you can have too much happy...

Go on: tell me how you can have too much happy…

Here it is, Sunday.

A few days ago I realized that I hadn’t listened to my iPod in almost a month. That’s a long time. I realized it because I hadn’t charged it for weeks on end and the battery was pretty much dead. I used to listen to it when I would go running or when I would sit at my desk working but neither of those things have happened much lately. Sure, I’ve sat at a computer doing work, but mostly that tends to be a laptop on whatever horizontal surface I can muster on campus between classes. And I’ve been running around like crazy trying to keep up with classwork and every day life, but it hasn’t exactly been running of an aerobic sort.

I haven’t really missed listening to my iPod, which is good since it means that I’ve been fully engaged with the other things that have been occupying my  mind, but at the same time I feel a little bit sad that I’ve gotten so far away from something that consistently makes me happy. It occurs to me that I probably spend too much time thinking about things-that-I-used-to-enjoy-doing-and-don’t-have-the-time-for-anymore.

Maybe it is part of human nature. Apparently, the reason why otherwise rational human beings will occasionally be on top of a tall building, looking down, and will think about jumping even though they are perfectly happy and don’t at all want to plunge to their death on the sidewalk below is because there is a little part of the brain that keeps checking up on itself to see how well it is doing at avoiding inappropriate ideas. It’s basically a little voice that pipes up on the top of tall buildings saying: “look how good I’m being by not thinking about jumping off this tall building”.

I think there must be a similar part of the brain that checks up on itself to see how well it is doing at staying happy. Like a little voice that pipes up saying “Look how happy you must be: you haven’t even gone running or listened to your iPod in weeks!” So even though I’m quite happy I’m still thinking about the other things that make me happy that I’m not doing, which somehow makes me less happy than before because I can’t have all the happy at the same time.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Too Much Happy”

  1. Brain is a bubbling cauldron of thought. Self is aware of a small fraction of thoughts that well up from the deep shadows. Ego is the reality tester who compares random thoughts to both memory and present situation.

  2. Hence the expression, “Don’t worry, be happy!!!”

    I love you : )


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