Edible Incredible

This is what "Breaking Bad" would have looked like if Heisenberg had decided to make ice cream instead of meth.

This is what “Breaking Bad” would have looked like if Heisenberg had decided to make ice cream instead of meth.

The Curmudgeonly Lion is a casual foodie and he likes to cook. This works out pretty well for me since I like to eat. He was the one to introduce me to the Food Network and all the various cooking shows and competitions that now occupy an entire network of their own. And our perennial favorite? The show “Good Eats” with Alton Brown.

In some ways, watching “Good Eats” reminds me of being a kid watching shows on PBS. Sure there was learning involved, but it was fun and creative and just the right length for my attention span. And we liked Alton Brown, whom we subsequently followed to “Iron Chef America” and “The Next Food Network Star” and “Cutthroat Kitchen” in which he seemed to undergo a transformation from what we came to call “Nice Alton” to “Mean Alton” who was doubly terrifying for having seemed so amiable in the “Good Eats” context. But nonetheless, we were fans.

So when I heard that Alton Brown was planning to do a touring stage show and that one of the first performances would be held in Cerritos (just a few towns over) it seemed like destiny. I decided that tickets to the show would make a good anniversary gift- especially since the show would be arriving in town just nine days after the anniversary itself.

Now it has been a while since I’ve been to the theatre, so just having the chance to go was exciting enough. The show’s description wasn’t entirely clear on exactly what kind of a show we were supposed to expect so we went in without any specific expectations. It was a cross between “Good Eats” and Blue Man Group and a grown-up version of singer like Raffi. There was Alton Brown, of course, and a handful of requisite science/cooking demonstrations that included making ice cream (excuse me, “jet cream”) in less than 30 seconds and baking a pizza under the intense wattage light bulbs of the Mega-Bake Oven. There were rants about the current world of food (“Chickens do not have fingers!”) and the television world (“Cooking shows don’t make you fat- eating junk food makes you fat”), multimedia displays (burping and, more commonly, farting yeast puppets- apparently farting is only minimally allowed on television so the stage show was a chance to release some of the pressure. Pun intended.) and lastly, but probably my favorite element: musical numbers. Songs including “Airport Shrimp Cocktail” (a sad song with an unhappy ending- a country song, naturally), “Easy Bake” (a punk song), and “Cooking Is Easy” (well, sort of).

Who knew that Mr Alton Brown could sing?

Well, he can.

So if you get the chance I recommend the Edible Inevitable tour with Alton Brown. It may not be “Good Eats” but it is good fun.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 24, 2013.

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