Cafe Culture

I always have this impulse to wear a ridiculously bright color whenever I go here.

I always have this impulse to wear a ridiculously bright color whenever I go here.

The Graffiti Cafe in Hollywood is a study in black and white and attitude. If Intelligensia and MOMA had an unspeakable tryst with an Apple store then Graffiti Cafe would be the offspring. It is one of my favorite meeting places. Partly this is because it is centrally located in an interesting part of town- more interesting than the suburb where I live, anyway, and partly this is because everybody there is way cooler than I am, writing screenplays on their Macbooks, listening to their Beats earphones while sizing each other up, and it makes me feel like I could be a little bit cool just by proximity.

Being a graduate student means that I don’t get to see much of the wider world anymore so for the past few weeks I decided to “do coffee” with some new friends at the Graffiti just for the sake of getting off campus. This seemed like a good idea at the time, although as the semester draws to a close and project deadlines begin looming on the horizon any task that isn’t class related seems like a low priority. Pushing myself to keep these kinds of social engagements might be pushing the limits of my endurance (again- I had a bit of a meltdown last week after overdoing it) but the dilemma of how to balance my time between work, self, and social time isn’t going to be resolved without practice.

It’s a strange thing that humans are both social and solitary creatures: it’s strange to constantly be tugged between the warring impulses of being independent and connecting with others. I suppose it is at the core of the “human condition” (a term that I’ve never really understood before).  Is it what makes humans successful or is it the flaw that will eventually lead to our collective demise?  Being human sure is hard work.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 15, 2013.

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