Feast Day

also hungry... but mostly grateful.

…also hungry… but mostly grateful.

This time last year we had nearly the whole family in the house and had spent three days cooking the Thanksgiving feast. It was great fun and a good excuse to get out all the fancy dishes. It was also one of the first major holidays that we spent in California so it was a good way to get used to the idea that the weather wouldn’t be cold for the holidays anymore.

This year we are doing a potluck with some of my classmates in the production program. It’s a huge relief to only have to worry about bringing one or two dishes instead of organizing the whole feast. We are bringing Brussels sprouts and rutabaga. It doesn’t sound that glamorous, but they are both family traditions: my dad loves Brussels sprouts and my mom loves rutabaga so the holidays just wouldn’t be complete without them.

I thought about writing a post about all the things that I am thankful for, but it would be so long that I’m not sure I would be able to finish it before the turkey got cold. I’m thankful that I have the Curmudgeonly Lion and that he supports me as I pursue the elusive dream of being a filmmaker. I’m thankful to have made so many new friends in the program- talented friends, I might add. I’m thankful to have two snuggly cats. I’m thankful to have a nice place to live and loving family and good health and good food like Brussels sprouts and rutabaga (don’t judge, they’re awesome).

For all the times when I whine and vent and worry, it’s not because I’m not grateful for what I have: it’s because I sometimes am afraid that it won’t last or that I don’t deserve it. How can someone be worthy of so much good fortune? I try to be worth it and to be grateful for it. It’s days like today that remind us how much we have.

Now, I need to wrap this up and put on my buffet pants. It’s time to celebrate with a feast.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 28, 2013.

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