Grey Friday

My mood exactly. (Photo appears to be by someone named Que)

My mood exactly. (Photo appears to be by someone named Qeu)

I’m all about bargain hunting, but the idea of venturing out into a retail environment on Black Friday is about as appealing to me as the idea of babysitting a thousand screaming children on the day after Halloween.

Instead, I’m going to enjoy a Grey Friday. This involves staying in wearing my big comfy sweater and a mug of coffee and doing some artwork and maybe some reading. If I lived in an apartment that had a fireplace it would be a day for sitting by the fire. It helps that the weather is cooperating to this end: it is cloudy and drizzling- a rarity for southern California. It’s the kind of weather that lends itself to laying low, and I am making a point to enjoy it because it might not last.

The problem with Black Friday is it is a reminder of how much money goes into the holiday season. I try to not be the kind of person who rails against how commercial the holidays have become: I accept that  different people celebrate holidays differently and that spending money often factors into making the day festive. At the same time I try to limit my own spending to the things that are really important to me, rather than buying into the holiday spirit wholesale.

This year is especially problematic. As a student, pretty much all of our funds are going towards tuition and fees for the university. Suddenly the idea of buying gifts for the holidays feels like an obligation rather than an option: like something that we have to do because it would seem stingy and unthoughtful of us to not send a gift even though it might mean cutting into our budget somewhere else.

As a double whammy, being a student also means that I don’t have time to make anything. This is usually my go-to alternative for years when funds are tight: to make a piece of art or a tasty treat instead of buying stuff. But making stuff requires time- and shipping- and time is running out.

So now that the starting gun has officially fired for the Christmas Season I’ll have to start making some decisions. I’m sure the answer will present itself. As my mother would always say: “How can we solve this problem creatively?”

It is going to be a creative Christmas.

How does one politely ask for the gift of not having to give a gift? Can you put that on a wish list? Can you request an indulgence from gift-giving?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 29, 2013.

One Response to “Grey Friday”

  1. Consider yourself indulged…no gift required….just a Skype on Christmas Day to see your smiling faces and share a few moments together!!  Is that a creative enough solution?

    Love you!!!



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