Well That Evaporated Quickly

Don't mind me.... you've got PLENTY of time... (photo respectfully borrowed from veryslowtimetraveler's flickr)

Don’t mind me…. you’ve got PLENTY of time…
(photo respectfully borrowed from the flickr account of veryslowtimetraveler)

Tomorrow is December. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that fact.

November really did fly by at warp speed- but at the same time it was so busy that I’m not sure how I managed to accomplish all the things that I did with time going by so quickly. Unfortunately for me, this Thanksgiving vacation is also flying past at warp speed. A week ago four days of free time seemed like an eternity and I had all these plans for books I was going to read and naps I was going to take (priorities, you know) and now it is already half over and I haven’t read a chapter or napped a wink.

I haven’t exactly wasted the time, though, with is a relief. I am always struggling to find the balance between spending my free time relaxing and spending my free time accomplishing stuff. If I don’t relax enough I start the next week overtired and cranky, and if I don’t accomplish enough I feel guilty and disorganized. Yesterday I managed to accomplish a lot on a group presentation that is due on Monday when we get back to class. It’s a major part of our grade and a project that we’ve been thinking about all semester, but there won’t be any time to rehearse the actual presentation before we have to do it in front of the class so I want all the materials to look good enough to stand on their own. (You know, no pressure or anything). Progress was slower than I had hoped, but I took giant leaps forward yesterday, so I really can’t complain.

Today’s goals involve running errands- like going to the storage unit to get out the Christmas decorations- and getting around to that book that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. Unlike yesterday which was grey and good for staying home and hibernating today is sunny to the point of being oppressively cheerful. The Midwesterner in me still thinks of sunny weather as a rare thing: something that it is important to enjoy while it lasts and that no matter what other plans I have that I should Go Outside And Play instead. It certainly isn’t weather that lends itself to wanting to put up a Christmas tree.

Well, speaking of time flying: I should wrap this up. A very important nap is calling my name.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 30, 2013.

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