Works of Fiction

WURDS! I will write them!

WURDS! I will write them!

Now that the year is starting to wind down I’ve been giving some thought to goals for the new year. One of my goals from last year, of course, was to post on this blog every day. My record isn’t perfect (although I don’t have an exact count of how many days that I missed) but it is one of the goals that I was the most diligent about keeping up with (the only goal I was more diligent about accomplishing every day was flossing my teeth, so… you know- not too bad).

Aside from my goal of posting something every day I didn’t set any goals about content or style: I just wanted to see what I would naturally tend to write about. Mostly this seems to be about graduate school and stress these days. These posts have been like messages in a bottle to the outside world: distant missives from the Bermuda Triangle of film school letting everybody know that I’m still alive and to hold off on  laying claim to my possessions just yet. Some people even claim to enjoy reading them, although I imagine that even my most enthusiastic supporters (hi Mom!) are probably getting a bit impatient for something more interesting than just “Wow, time goes so fast. I’m super stressed. GRAD SCHOOL!”

So I think one of my goals for the new year will be to begin incorporating some fiction into my blog. I’m not quite sure how I want to go about doing this, however. On the one hand, writing every day is good practice and posting every day keeps me accountable. Really, I probably would’ve stopped writing a long time ago if I was just doing it for myself. And this is fine for journal-entry style posts about daily life or ideas or whatnot.

Fiction is a slightly different beast.

Fiction requires a rough draft. Or, as I’m beginning to call it, a barf draft- which comes even before a rough draft-  in which I spew out all kinds of ideas and impulses onto a page and then try to train it into some kind of order. It’s an ugly part of the process and it’s not really  something that I want to be doing in public: it’s a vulnerable stage in the process for me as a person and an ugly place for my writing in terms of style and a very, very bad time to open myself up to feedback.

So how do I get the benefits of the accountability to keep my writing on track while still giving myself a safe creative space and a platform to build work on? I haven’t figured that out yet: maybe I will only plan to post a work of fiction once a month and will work on it in private a little bit each day. Maybe I will find that this fiction writing business is more work than I have time for. Maybe I will discover I love it and want to do it every day. Who knows. But I think it is something that I want to try.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 3, 2013.

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