Movie Magic

It's so beautiful....

It’s so beautiful….

Yesterday I was introduced to a software called Movie Magic that is designed to help producers schedule and organize all the moving parts that make up a film production. It was a little bit like being introduced to the Perfect Man. It was a “where have you been all my life” kind of moment. You mean I don’t have to shuffle all these details in my head anymore? Yes please!

I like organizing stuff. I like putting bills in date order. I tape all my receipts to pieces of scrap paper and circle the date and total so that I can find them again quickly at tax time. I stack things according to size. I arrange clothes according to color. I sort my M&Ms by color. There might be a slightly compulsive nature to my system, but I like knowing where all my pieces are because, more often than not, I have to pull all the pieces apart and put them back together again multiple times.

One of my professors once divided filmmakers into two types: jewelers and potters. Jewelers like to meticulously plan every aspect of a film, shot, actor, line, word, etc. Potters like to go with the flow and see what grows organically out of the material and conditions. Personally, I feel like I fall somewhere in between: I make collages. I try to gather the most interesting pieces I can find then I put them together and see if it works. Then I pull it all apart and add some different pieces. Then I pull it all apart and try a different shape. Then I go back to basics and rebuild it from the ground up. Each new stage feels like the best version I can imagine. Then I do another version and it’s even better.

It’s not the most straightforward process in the world, and it can be a little inefficient because sometimes it means re-shoots and rewrites even as a deadline approaches, but it seems to be the system I always gravitate towards. And Movie Magic is nothing if not a software that allows a schedule to be pulled apart and put back together in thousands of different ways. I might have just been handed the keys to a weapon that will allow me to take over the world.

Global domination by organization.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 12, 2013.

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