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Continuing in the theme of “it’s the end of the year so I should do some deep cleaning/organizing” I finally made a point of sitting down to back up all my digital files and to clear some space on my computer desktop. This isn’t a difficult task, but it can be time consuming and, for me, nerve wracking: one wrong move and I might *accidentally* delete a vital file for a film project that took months to put together. But it’s better than not keeping any backups at all and potentially losing everything to a hard drive crash, loss, or theft. (All three have happened to me. Tears were shed.)

So now I find myself backing up my backups: one hard drive to stay home and one hard drive to go to storage. Mini thumb drives to keep working files handy. An external usb drive to act as a Time Machine. Call me paranoid, but it’s good to know that I have options in case of emergencies. It’s amazing how quickly I can fill up a terabyte. The hardest part for me is leaving hard drive space blank on a drive. I’m working at dedicating a single drive to a single project so that if something went wrong with that particular drive I wouldn’t lose a bunch of other stuff as well. But this means leaving blank space on hard drives. I have to remind myself to think of this empty space as “future expansion” space for future updates to the project instead of “presently wasted” space that I could be using for something else.

Going through my digital files also feels cleansing to my mind. It’s fun to go through folders and recognize what I can get rid of and what I can save for another day. It’s fun to look at old pictures that I saved from the internet. I collect interesting pictures and keep a file of them for reference if and when I ever get around to doing some artwork again. It feels good to go into the new year knowing that all the detritus of the old year has been cleared away.

I wish I could say that I’m completely finished with my backups, but I need a few more hard drives in order to really feel like I have enough redundancies in place. Redundancy: bad in the workforce, good in digital filing.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 30, 2013.

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