New Directions

Please give me something interesting to write about and something interesting to say about it.

Please help me think of something to blog about.

It’s all well and good to say that I intend to begin writing about more specific topics with this blog instead of just writing whatever crosses my mind each morning when I sit down at the keyboard. It’s much harder to actually commit myself to a single topic. This time last year my goal was just to write a single post every day. I figured that I would let the ideas filter through my system and by the end of the year I would have narrowed my interests to a few clear topics that I could reasonably say that this blog was “About”.  

Hi. I’m Gwydhar and I write about…I’m still not sure.

Myself mostly.

That seems a bit self interested, but it’s what I know. My folks enjoy reading it. It gives me an outlet into the wider world at a time when my everyday activities are, in fact, quite insular. It has taught me a lot about the act of writing: of sitting down at a computer every day with the intention of stringing words together to make some point. This in turn has made me infinitely more confident with my writing: I trust myself to get the words out (and, if there happens to be a deadline, to get them out on time). I’m beginning to develop a voice and a style although it’s still pretty malleable. 

So where do I take it from here? What do I want to talk about? Who do I want to talk to? For someone as given to introspection as I am I find these questions surprisingly difficult to answer. Am I ready to apply these writing tools to a rock-solid topic yet? What if I lose interest? What if I don’t have time to do it justice? On one hand I want to let my writing evolve organically and on the other hand I want to push myself even if that means pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

But lets be real: I’m writing a blog here, not engineering a bridge. I don’t need detailed blueprints, just the broad strokes of a plan. I’m still going to write about film school. I’m still going to write about running. I’m still going to write about Introversion.  They’re just topics that I always come back to. But to push myself I think I’m going to start focusing on two new areas as well: Prompts and Influences.

Prompts will be fiction. I’d like to take a weekly writing prompt (I’m open to suggestions here- if you have an idea for a short story send me a comment and I’ll add it to my list) and attempt to produce a short work of fiction based on it. Now, these might not be any good, but what they lack in skill or subtlety they will almost surely make up for in entertainment value at my expense. The name of this game is creativity.

Influences will be non-fiction.  I’d like to start writing weekly about people and ideas that interest me. These might be people that I’d like to meet or books that I recently read. A few of my professors from last semester write blogs which would be interesting to follow and comment on. The point is that I will have to try to write about something outside myself and my experience. The name of this game is accountability. 

So Prompts and Influences and Some Other Stuff. That’s what I write about. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 2, 2014.

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