Wore Out

Let's see how many balls I can keep in the air at the same time starting......... now

Let’s see how many balls I can keep in the air at the same time starting……… now

Well, it was the first day of classes today. Predictably, this was exhausting: after so much anticipation it was a relief to at last sit down in a classroom and get started on the real work that has been hanging over my head for the past few weeks.

Classes begin at nine and end at five just like a normal work day, so I feel a little bit weak-spined for considering this a “long day”. In my defense- this is just the time that I will be attending lectures: most of my work will take place outside of the classroom and so eight hours is a long day. For example, the one vital element that has been holding me back for the past few weeks has been the lack of a Production Number- the magic key that allows me to do such wonderful things like reserve audition space and open a production account. We received our production numbers today at about 3:30pm. I went to reserve an audition space at 4:50- pretty much the minute that class let out- and already had to be deferred to another building on campus. In the grand scheme of things this is really a very minor setback: it meant that I wouldn’t find out what room we would be assigned until tomorrow instead of today. But it was a badly timed minor setback considering that my blood sugar was rapidly dropping and, along with it, my ability to handle minor setbacks with the appropriate aplomb.

So I went home. Clearly I will need to ration my snacks very diligently for the days when I have classes.

Tomorrow will be another challenge, but I feel much less worried about the classes because they are stand-alone classes that (I hope) will meet at the same time on the same days with the same professors. Just having that structure in place will be a relief over the constant navigation required for the Production class.

For all my gnashing of teeth, I actually feel really good as the result of today’s classes. I’m exhausted, but also energized. It’s the satisfying kind of tired that comes from staying focused for an extended period of time. So far I think I am on top of the major details that I need to be on top of. So far I feel pretty organized.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 14, 2014.

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