Off The Horse

"Fast and Furious 15: Gridlock! The Musical!"

“Fast and Furious 15: Gridlock! The Musical!”

I miss commuting by train. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy driving and my current commute is, in the grand scheme of things, really quite manageable, but I miss commuting by train. For one thing, I like trains: they have a nice, rocking cadence that is very relaxing and it is fun to sit and stare out the window and daydream as the world sails past smoothly. For another thing, commuting by train means having an hour or so of quiet time each day in which to read or write or just tune out and nap: all of which are bad ideas when one commutes by car.

Mostly, it is the quiet time that I miss. The thing I don’t like about commuting is that it’s an hour or so out of my day in which I do nothing except try to get from one place to another. I can’t really call it “work” time because I’m not accomplishing anything productive and I can’t really call it “leisure” time because I’m not able to do whatever I want to relax. It’s technically not wasted time: I am actually getting somewhere (It would even be appropriate to say that I am literally getting somewhere) when I commute, but it sure isn’t productive.

I got to thinking about commuting this week when I looked back and realized that I hadn’t sat down to write a post in three days. There simply hadn’t been time in my schedule. I figured that once I was done producing I would have plenty of time to catch up on such things, but I was wrong. Now that production is over I have set aside my “producer” hat and replaced it with my “editor” hat which is infinitely less stressful, but just as time consuming- if not more so.

I am learning just how quickly it is possible to get out of the habit of writing every day: each time I miss a post the next time I do sit down again it is that much more difficult to write the next one. Ideas come more slowly and words have to be painstakingly strung together end-to-end like beads on a thread.

So I guess this post is a little bit like the literary equivalent of “commuting”: it is getting me back into the habit of writing again, but is not likely to be my best work.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 7, 2014.

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