Holey Soles

"I wonder how I can get out of buying new shoes" Said No Woman Ever... Until Now.

“I wonder how I can get out of buying new shoes” Said No Woman Ever… Until Now.

Considering how little leisure time I have these days I have been remarkably consistent about keeping up with going running once or twice a week. I realize that this hardly constitutes a strenuous workout regimen, but it seems better than fall semester which consisted of no exercise at all. I can make it around the block without feeling like I’m going to die and that seems like progress.

I went out for a run today after spending most of the afternoon glued to the computer doing a rewrite of the script that I will be directing at the end of the month. This was satisfying work, but tiring. In general I quite enjoy thinking, but it’s amazing how tiring it can be to concentrate for long periods of time. Running is the perfect excuse to not think for a while: a strangely difficult meditative art form.

Today I spent most of the run wondering how long it would take for me to actually run holes through the soles of my sneakers. Was it even possible? My sneakers are long overdue to be replaced; as I understand it, one is supposed to replace one’s running shoes after five hundred miles. I don’t know where this number stems from, but I suspect that it is an advertising ploy designed to sell running shoes, so I have always taken it with a generous grain of salt. Five hundred miles is also typically the point at which I am just finally getting a pair of sneakers broken in to the shape of my  flat, paddle shaped stompers. If I were to guesstimate the odometer reading on my current pair of sneakers it is probably somewhere around 2700 miles. I only really started keeping track  1200 miles or so ago.

So far, so good. Running feels good. My feet don’t hurt. My knees and hips seem fine. Which was what got me to wondering just how long it would take for me to run holes through the soles of my sneakers: if I haven’t accomplished it after nearly three thousand miles on a single pair of sneakers then just how long would it take? Would they last me another year? Another two? I am curious to find out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 16, 2014.

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