Kilt Quest



Well, it’s Friday and that means that it is the first day of production on my film. It’s raining pretty steadily so I’m incredibly grateful that today’s shoot is indoors although it will mean that trying to get to the location is likely to take a long time. On the plus side, I won’t need to water the plants.

My thoughts are a little bit scattered so I need to sit down and make an effort to gather them. There are so many little details I need to remember and last minute adjustments that need to be made. In about half an hour or so I need to go out in search of a kilt as a costume piece for one of the characters. I ordered one over a week ago but I didn’t realize that the person I ordered it from was going to need a week to make it before it would even ship out. I couldn’t have ordered it any sooner- I hadn’t even held auditions yet! I appreciate a good custom-tailored article of clothing- especially something like a kilt, but I’m annoyed because the website didn’t warn me it was going to take so long. I’m not looking for art. I could have just gone to Hot Topic and gotten what I needed. I might still try to do just that.

At times like these- when I find myself getting hung up on a particular detail of a production, I always try to ask myself whether it is an important enough detail to try to hold on to or if it is worth exploring other options. Experience has taught me that things usually fail for the better, which is to say, that when something goes wrong and it forces me to change direction that change is usually for the better. So I’m trying to remember that even if I don’t manage to find a kilt it might be because a better option is right around the corner. But at the same time I do feel strongly about this particular element- it says a lot about the character as someone who fails to “fit in” so completely that he won’t even wear normal pants.

So how long does one pursue a concept? When is it no longer “staying true to one’s vision” and turns one into someone who “can’t see the forest for the trees”? Maybe it is different for everybody. I’m still not sure. I assume this is one of those lessons that you have to learn but can’t be taught.

This must be what “experience” feels like.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 28, 2014.

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