Progress Is Progress

Well, that's how Benjamin Franklin did it and things worked out pretty well for him.

Well, that’s how Benjamin Franklin did it and things worked out pretty well for him.

I know that if I don’t write now then I won’t get around to writing at all today. I keep falling into the trap of sitting down to write, finding myself with nothing to write about, deciding to try again later, and never getting around to putting words on paper. It’s no surprise that my postings have been so spotty for the past few months.

Last night I decided to sit down and update my progress chart for my New Years Resolutions. This was a chart that I started doing last year to help keep me accountable for my progress each day and, while it wasn’t a perfect system, it did help me keep on track on some of my goals. I wish I could say that it was doing the same this year, but then again. I’ve been staring into the bright light of grad school for so long that everything else has pretty much fallen off into darkness.

And the progress chart reflects this.

Really, the only New Year’s resolution that I’ve kept 100% is flossing my teeth every day: not the worst habit in the world to be keeping up to date on. The next best resolution has been putting in the hours at learning filmmaking: I’m averaging nine and ten hours per day and doing it seven days per week. A “day off” is a day when I only do four or five hours of film related work. It’s a lot, but I don’t really mind: it’s work that doesn’t really feel like work for the most part- except when I get overwhelmed by it all and worry about how I am going to be able to keep up. Which has been happening more and more as the semester begins to come to an end.

After my hours put in on filmmaking, my next best resolution is this writing- shamefully sporadic as it is. On average I post about four times each week instead of seven- which isn’t ideal, but at least shows that I’m making an effort. And while my commitment to writing might have gotten off track a little bit, my commitment to running has been pretty steady: I’ve been averaging two runs per week. This is WAY better than last semester when I didn’t run at all from August until November.

Sorry if today’s post reads a bit like a quarterly review. In a way that’s what it is- a chance for me to look back and see how I’m doing and to see that I’m actually doing pretty well even though it sometimes feels like I can barely keep it together.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 9, 2014.

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