All The Things


If you haven't read the original comic this illustration came from then here's the link: And you're welcome.

If you haven’t read the original comic this illustration came from then read it here:                     You’re welcome.

I just sat down to write a letter to a friend and spent half a page of it describing, with great relish, all the housework that I spent the day doing. And it wasn’t ironic relish, like, “Oh I just LUUUURVE hand washing packing blankets and using the spot cleaner to get cat barf stains off the cat’s scratching post.”

No. It was actual personal satisfaction and I was going to write about it in a letter, darnit.

I’m not going to lie- my housekeeping has been approaching zero for the past few months. I pretend like it doesn’t bother me because I simply haven’t had the wherewithal to do anything about it, but it has quietly, subliminally, been affecting my brain. That gritty feel on the kitchen floor. That faintly yogurty smell coming from the futon. The wilting tomato plant on the patio. The drifts of paperwork covering every work-surface and the gentle linty layer of cat hair on everything else. I’ve pushed them to the side but they’ve never really been gone. It’s like having a splinter that you can’t see.

So this has been one of my first opportunities to do anything about it. I made myself a list, simply called ALL THE THINGS. It’s two pages and three columns long and it’s all the things that I want to work on and my goal is to cross five things off every day. So far so good. I did wash those packing blankets (they needed it- the water was brown). I did spot clean the cat scratching post. I did turn in the recycling. I did watch that Netflix DVD that has been sitting in front of the TV since January…

And it feels great.

If I can just keep up this momentum I’ll be back to normal in no time. I think five tasks per day is reasonable and still allows time for the reading of books and the taking of naps which are also quickly becoming a priority.

Spring cleaning. It’s no joke- it really does make you feel like a new person.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “All The Things”

  1. I feel your pain. Being the one at my place who is the regular cleaner, it’s super satisfying to FINALLY be able to tackle any and all cleaning tasks you have to neglect for work &/or school. Yesterday I finished my assigned reading with enough time left to dust the fan blades. Now I’m not afraid to use the ceiling fans this summer.

    • LOL, well I didn’t even think of the ceiling fans until now… (actually they look pretty clean)… but you should keep an eye out for a letter full of me talking about housekeeping in your near future 🙂

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