Thought Process

Apparently this is what some tears look like under a microscope... this is what I learned instead of writing.

Apparently this is what some tears look like under a microscope… this is what I learned while procrastinating.

I keep hoping that if I sit here long enough that I will think of something to write about. So far I haven’t even thought of a title. I’ve already gotten through the very important work of checking my email and facebook account and I’ve had a nap and read my book and it’s not quite dinner time yet so I’m hungry but in a position of getting a snack as an excuse to procrastinate.

Any minute now. Any minute and I’ll know what I’m supposed to write about.

There was this children’s book that I remember from when I was a kid called “Each Peach Pear Plum”. Last night, whilst waiting to fall asleep, I challenged myself to recite the whole thing from memory. It’s a rhyming “I Spy” game featuring different nursery rhyme characters, so I actually made it through about three quarters of the text before getting hung up on what came after “Jack and Jill in a ditch/I spy the Wicked Witch”.

I couldn’t remember what the Wicked Witch was doing. I fell asleep before I figured it out.

Sleep seems to be my constant companion these days. I am constantly tired. It is the kind of tiredness that no amount of caffeine seems to lift and no amount of napping seems to shake. It’s probably a normal function- the result of all the pressure from the past five months being lifted. Now that I know I can sleep whenever I want, that is all I can manage to do. It is probably similar to getting a cold as soon as you go on vacation because you know you “have time” to be sick. Personally, I’d rather sleep than be sick, so I’m not complaining too loudly. Instead, I’m making an effort to be just productive enough each day to feel like I’ve made progress in spite of the constant need to rest.

Earlier today I went to speak at an orientation meeting for students who will be entering into the production class that I just completed. Seeing all the orientation advice now that I’ve made it through makes it all, finally, make sense. It was all good advice to have going in, but at the time it didn’t seem real and now it does. I didn’t really know what I could add that wasn’t already being said, but I hope I was able to be encouraging because for all my lamentations about having no time during the semester, it was a semester well spent and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. And there’s just no good way of saying that without that wild-eyed spark of zealotry that makes listeners want to keep a safe distance in case the crazy is contagious.

So that is what is on my mind.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 9, 2014.

3 Responses to “Thought Process”

  1. Each peach pear plum, I spy Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb in the cupboard I spy mother Hubbard, mother Hubbard on the stair I spy the three bears, three bears out hunting I spy baby bunting, baby bunting fast asleep I spy Bo peep Bo peep on the hill I spy jack and Jill, jack and Jill in the ditch, I spy the wicked witch, wicked witch in the wood, I spy Robin Hood, Robin Hood in the den, I spy the bears again, three bears STILL hunting THEY spy baby bunting baby bunting safe and dry I spy peach pie, peach pie in sun I spy everyone???? Did I get it? I swear I didn’t look it up. I don’t think the peach pie was in the sun though….

    • Sounds close: I knew it was the “three bears again” but I thought it might’ve been rhymed with “red hen” but Robin Hood seems right too. Well remembered anyway!

  2. Sounds like a fun book. But, if I had to recite that from memory, I think I’d go mad…or back to my youth when we were challenged to memorize and perform limericks before the class. I remember mine was one about an old man and the length of his beard (which had become a nest for birds). I remember staying up late one night, nearly nauseous and near tears as I procrastinated and could not get my siblings/folks to help me improve much. They thought I was trying too hard (I think). But, I refused to be imperfect.

    I’d say you being over-tired spun your tires into thinking you had to write something. Rest is/was probably more important than another blog log entry…what rhymes with entry…sentry, gentry…zzzzz…:P

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