Good Junk

now,  I just move out the television and shift the chair to the right aaaaaand..... JENGA!

Now, if I just move out the television and shift the chair to the right aaaaaand….. JENGA!

A few weeks back we acquired a new filing cabinet courtesy of the Curmudgeonly Lion’s current employer who was doing some spring cleaning. We thought it would be useful to have in our storage unit so that we could consolidate our old files into one cabinet instead of having them packed into half a dozen bankers boxes and which might free up some space.

Although we installed the cabinet in the storage unit right away, but I have not yet gotten around to the task of actually putting files in it. After two years of gentle sedimentation, the unit itself is in desperate need of excavation and reorganization. I anticipate that this will probably be a full day task and I’ve been putting it off. But the task has been on my mind and I’ve been trying to gather as many storage-unit related items as possible so that I only have to make one trip to the storage facility.

To this end, I recently sorted through my old artwork in order to decide what could be filed and what should be trimmed away. It was a walk down memory lane. For a while I was doing quite a lot of comic illustration for webcomics and even a few spec comic books. Some of it was embarrassing to look at, but some of it I thought held up surprisingly well. A lot of it was concept drawings and rough drafts.

I found myself trying to decide what was worth keeping. I tend to be rather sentimental about my artwork- even artwork that I don’t really like- because of the amount of effort that went into it. But was it worth anything? Would it ever be worth anything? They say that the best test for whether or not you should be paying for a storage unit is to add up the value of everything that you plan to put in it and divide it by twelve. If this amount is less than the amount of the monthly rental fee then it’s probably better to just get rid of everything and buy it again later. But how does that work for a storage unit filled with artwork by an unknown artist?

For the time being, I consider the artwork to be worth the cost of saving. If nothing else, it was fun to have the excuse to take a little art walk down memory lane.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 13, 2014.

2 Responses to “Good Junk”

  1. Ahhhhh, sliding down the slippery slope……

  2. I think a storage unit that is kept regularly is likely just one more financial vice around our necks. Unless you are financially secure and the unit is your dog or cat. The math of value should not be necessary. And, like you, I too would be a bit sentimental. Which is why it’s hard for me to part with things I either hunted for, fought with someone over or worked hard on creating myself. My philosophy is gradually becoming to let it go (yea, “Frozen”) rather than hang onto it…even if I do worry what greedy little thieves might turn my “junk” into their riches, some for questionable/immoral gains (like drug money). Perhaps us introverted artists are just destined to be like fruit trees, letting the apples fall where they may. We can’t exactly keep every year’s crop in our branches/reach or slap the vile thief who uses our fruit wrongly.

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