This Heat

Although, apparently experts don't count "housework" as exercise. Probably because they're not doing housework themselves.

Although, apparently experts don’t count “housework” as exercise. Because, you know, they’re experts.

The past few days have been beastly hot here in Los Angeles. Last night, while we were sitting and watching television, I suddenly smelled something burning. After about fifteen minutes of maniacal sniffing around the apartment we had narrowed down that it was coming from inside the apartment somewhere in the kitchen, but beyond that we were completely baffled until we happened to look up and notice that the overhead fan was smoking. Even the fan couldn’t take the heat.

If I were smart I would have contrived a way to spend the past few days sitting very still in an air conditioned room, perhaps watching a movie or reading a book. Instead I’ve been doing some heavy duty spring cleaning. Yesterday that involved going to the storage unit and consolidating as many boxes as possible. Today that meant wiping down the bathroom and the kitchen, two loads of laundry, and dishes.

It’s hot and dirty work, but slowly- very slowly, I’m beginning to feel like I can think straight again. I can walk into the kitchen without feeling my blood pressure skyrocket from the anxiety of thinking about trying to tackle the clutter- just thinking about it was enough to stress me out. Now I am able to walk into the kitchen, see something that needs to be done, and just do it and get it over with.

I even got around to tuning the bass yesterday. For me, that’s progress.

The down side to this kind of heat is a complete lack of interest in going running. Right now it is seven thirty and the fleeting hour of civil twilight- my favorite time to go out for a run after the sun has set but before it gets dark. But frankly, the idea of doing something that would make me even hotter and even sweatier isn’t exactly a big turn on at the moment. I could certainly excuse myself from exercise based on the fact that I’ve been engaged in strenuous work for the past few days, but, strenuous or not, housework just isn’t as satisfying as a workout.

But now that the house is clean and my mind is clearer, maybe I’ll get a chance to do some sitting around with a book or a movie.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 16, 2014.

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