Sudden Laptop Death

Ok so it was't quite this bad, but it felt like it was to me.

Ok so it was’t quite THIS bad, but it felt like it was to me.

I sat down this morning at the kitchen table and did what I normally do: hit the power button on my laptop so that I could surf Facebook think of something to write for the day. The laptop did not respond. It utterly, and completely, failed to do anything.

Considering that it had been working fine the day before when it was running on battery power, I had to surmise that the problem lay somewhere in the power cable failing to recharge the battery. The power converter typically has a small green LED that lights up when the cable is plugged in, but this was resolutely dark.

Being without the laptop meant that if I wanted to go online at all I would need to go online on my desktop in the studio, and that would mean excavating my desk from beneath nine months of sedimentary paperwork. This was a task that I had been dutifully putting off. The studio was the last rebel fortress holding out against my campaign against chaos. It was the only place in the apartment where I could (and, let’s face it, often  did) chuck things that I didn’t know what to do with and close the door on them. The studio had become the junk drawer for the entire house.

The problem with cleaning the studio is that there is simply no other place to put the stuff. And there was a lot of stuff. Art supplies posed the biggest problem followed closely by school supplies: all stuff that I wanted to have at my fingertips but not under my elbows. Another top contender was paperwork-that-needs-to-be-shredded: a task that I’ve put off for multiple years, to my own detriment. I mostly associate shredding paper with trying to dispose of boxes and boxes of old paperwork before moving cross country, all while so ghastly ill that I’d lost my voice, kept sneezing every forty seconds, and coughed so much and so hard that I fractured ribs- until we gave up and burned all our old records in a bonfire. And a bonfire just isn’t a responsible option in Southern California during wildfire season.

So the room is mostly back in order. I can see desktop and I can see floor, so I count this as progress. Maybe once I have a chance to do a little digital housekeeping I will even find myself happily ticking away at this desktop computer more often.

One can hope.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 28, 2014.

3 Responses to “Sudden Laptop Death”

  1. So, did you revive the laptop?

  2. Hope the cable revives the creature!

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