Ten Things Be Gone

I really like what you've done with creation and all, God. Are you ready for some notes?

Hey, Boss Man! The Committee has some notes that they’d like you to address. 

It’s late and I need to write something quick so here is another of the 30 Day Challenge prompts:

If you could rid the world of ten things, what would they be?

This should be much more straightforward than trying to list five passions, so hopefully I won’t be going off on any angry rants, but we shall see.

1. Pop Up Advertising: I include in this category any advertising that magically “pops up” in my workspace. For example, Yahoo recently began slathering my email account with “sponsored messages”. If I wanted sponsored messages then I would’ve gone over to G-mail: sponsored messages are the reason why I almost never check my G-mail anymore. I also hate the pop up flash advertising that gets in the way of accessing basic websites to try to sell me cars or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. I’m so reactionary that I will actually avoid products based on the fact that their advertising has gotten in my way.

2. The Mis-Use of words: After my rant yesterday I feel this is worth putting on the list. I generally keep my mouth shut (no pun intended) when I encounter this in the real world, because I realize that language is a living, evolving thing and that living, evolving things are messy, but if I could rid the world of jargon and gobbledey-gook then I would.

3. World hunger. Duh. Even Miss America knows this one.

4. Reality television. I probably shouldn’t speak too loudly on this one because I’m almost certainly spiting Fate and will end up someday having my very own reality television show, thus making me Part Of The Problem. Reality television is a thing. People seem to like it. I wish I knew why.

5. I want to say “War” because that seems like an obvious choice, but at the same time I know that we human beings derive a lot of our self knowledge through conflict. It’s a basic element of storytelling and what are we if not creatures in search of narrative? But the causes for which wars are fought? Some of those could certainly be weeded out. Oil? Stupid. Genocide? Also stupid. The Master race? Sooper Stoopid.

6. Genocide/Racism. I could do without it. I’m pretty sure everyone else can too.

7. Sexism. Why didn’t I put this as number one? I’d get way more satisfaction from getting equal pay than by getting rid of pop-up advertising. Heck, I’d even be happy to be a creator of pop up advertisements if it meant getting equal pay. Getting rid of sexism would also help get rid of my twin pet-peeves of:

8. Microaggressions (really? It’s not enough to worry about the big things like being devalued as human beings, but we have to worry about funny looks now too?)


9. Rape Culture. (Apparently this is a thing now too. I don’t really know what it is but people on the internet talk about it. A. Lot. I’d like to get rid of it just so that I never have to hear about it again.)

10. Mayonnaise. I see no redeeming qualities in mayonnaise.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 1, 2014.

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