Cine Expo

Toyland for filmmakers.

Toyland for filmmakers. (Photo by Adam J Wilt)

I didn’t end up writing over the weekend due to the fact that the Curmudgeonly Lion spent Friday and Saturday exploring the technological wonders of the Cine Gear Expo- an veritable Toyland of cameras, lenses, techno-cranes, lights, steadicam rigs, and camera drones. It was held on the backlot of Paramount Studios- always great fun to visit- and we staggered home at the end of each day with sore feet and bags of swag.

I am beginning to notice and interesting difference between events such as the Cine Expo, which are held here in Los Angeles, and filmmaking related events that take place in other cities: namely, that if you are attending a filmmaking event in another city there is an underlying assumption that you are working in Independent film, while if you attend an event in Los Angeles there is an underlying assumption that you are working with the studios. It is a reasonable assumption, given the culture of the industry here in Los Angeles, but it can be dizzying to get swept up in this kind of unfamiliar world.

The two worlds are very different. Not just apples-to-oranges different, but sometimes apples-to-a-MacBook-Pro different: both technically apples but one of them is a sophisticated machine the result of years of engineering and marketing while the other is widely diverse, carefully cultivated, and can be grown at home.

Moving from one world to the other is not a simple process. A few months after moving to Los Angeles I visited with my sister over coffee one afternoon when I was feeling especially frustrated with this transition. It felt like I was standing at the base of a giant stepped pyramid looking up at the next level, which was far over my head, and not having a clue how to climb it.

Now, somehow, that next level seems to be nearly within my reach. Now there is a sense that the gate into this world is just ahead of me and all I need to do is keep moving forward until I walk through it. I wouldn’t say that I’ve reached it yet: I’m still just a tourist in this industrial expo, but walking among the booths and demos at the Cine Gear Expo at least let me see what I was reaching for.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 9, 2014.

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