Morning Runs


I used to be very dedicated to morning runs.

For a while, if I didn’t get out the door for a run first think in the morning, then I didn’t really feel like my day had begun. Then I started classes and the ritual of morning runs fell by the wayside in order to make time to compensate for morning rush hour in order to get to campus on time. I began running in the evenings, just grateful to have time to go running at all and I felt pretty good about it.

Now, though, my schedule has cleared and my mornings are beginning to feel like the obvious time to go running again. I’m discovering, however, that I don’t like running in the morning the way that I used to. I still feel immensely accomplished and like I’ve started my day productively, but the running itself is difficult, frustrating, and unsatisfactory. Morning runs feel like work. And it is a lot more difficult to talk myself into going for a run at all when it feels like work.

Is this a common thing? Maybe I am just so used to running in the evenings that my body is overreacting to the schedule change. If that is the case, then running in the morning is probably good for me just for the simple fact that it is breaking me out of my habits. Or maybe the temperature and humidity are different in the mornings. Or maybe I run better in the evenings because I’ve been drinking caffeine all day. Or because my body needs less time to warm up.

Who knows.

Lately I have also been making an effort to do some muscle building- some pushups, some core exercises, a little bit of stretching… I can feel a difference in my body already: mostly in the form of aching muscles, but it doesn’t seem to be adding much spring to my step when I run. This is a disappointment, but I’ve only been at it for about ten days, so maybe it just hasn’t had enough time to set in.

Anyway, I’m going to experiment with alternating between morning runs and evening runs to see whether it eventually becomes easier to run in the mornings. Maybe I will even work up to doing some sprints.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 14, 2014.

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