Light Sensitivity

This just doesn't say "home" to me.

This just doesn’t say “home” to me.

A few weeks ago, the lightbulb in the bathroom burned out. We didn’t get around to replacing it right away: the overhead fixture had two bulbs in it and the remaining bulb gave off enough light to still be functional. The new, dimmer lighting was annoying, but the hassle of getting out the stepladder and fussing with a half-powered lighting fixture was pretty low on my list of priorities.

A week or so after that the ceiling fan in the kitchen, which had been working overtime to compensate for a streak of unseasonably warm weather, overheated and began smoking. The maintenance guy took one look at it and declared that it needed to be replaced. The new ceiling fan was exactly the same as the old one except that it didn’t smoke and the incandescent bulb had been replaced by a compact fluorescent lightbulb that gave of a bright, cold, white light.

And, because these things tend to go in threes, a week or so later the lightbulb in the studio burned out as well. I finally decided that it was time to go ahead and dig out the stepladder.

It wasn’t until we replaced the lightbulb in the bathroom and I found myself breathing a literal, physical sigh of relief every time that I turned on the light that I really realized how sensitive I am to lighting.

I find that I am very particular about lighting: especially when it comes to lighting in the house. Too much light and I feel like I’m living in a laboratory. Not enough light and I feel like I’m living in a cave. Cold light bothers me. Dark corners bother me. Too much light in my peripheral vision bothers me. It bothers me to have the blinds open at night almost as much as it bothers me to have them closed during the day. Direct sunlight feels intrusive, but not enough natural light makes a room feel stifling.

I’m sure that I must drive the Curmudgeonly Lion crazy with my constant curating of the household lighting. Having the right lighting is what makes the house feel like home to me, almost as much as the furniture and knick-knacks.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 16, 2014.

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