Here It Is Monday

  Here it is: Monday again.

I just looked at the calendar and realized how quickly this month has gone by already. I hope that’s not a sign that I’ve been using my time unwisely. Just yesterday it felt like I had the whole summer wide open in front of me and now it is nearly July!

Then again, today seems to be one of those days in which one begins with the feeling of having nothing important to do but very quickly discovers a whole To Do list of smaller things that need to be done. Water the plants. Do the dishes. Mail letters. Among these tasks, of course, is Write A Post.

I’ve gotten into thebad habit of writing late at night right before going to bed. This has the disadvantage of being a time of the day when I “write to have written”- which is to say that I sit down to write just so that I can say that I did it rather than because I’m putting much thought into it. On the other hand it does have the advantage of being after the bulk of the day in which interesting stuff may or may not have happened and which may or may not be worth writing about. Writing in the morning gives me more time to think, but less things to write about. This probably explains my tendency to write about To Do lists, running, and writers’ block because those are the only three things that I’ve encountered so far that day.

At any rate, today’s To Do list includes a lot of errands. It turns out that the reason why there was so much room in the fridge for beer on Saturday was because there was no more milk. This wasn’t an urgent thing until breakfast this morning. So clearly I will be going grocery shopping. And stopping at the bank. And making a trip to the post office. And sorting out stuff that needs to go to the storage unit. And so on.

Errands somehow seem to take up a whole day all to themselves. It is looking like today might be that day. So on that happy note it is time for me to gather my wits and head out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 23, 2014.

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