Forgetful Jones

Now we shall go into TRIM MODE!!!!!!

Now we shall go into TRIM MODE!!!!!!

I didn’t realize that I’d forgotten to write a post yesterday. It completely slipped my mind until I found myself sitting at my desk to update my progress chart when I realized that I hadn’t done it. I hadn’t even thought about it.

Partly to blame is the fact that my brain is currently switched over to “editing” mode. Slightly over a week ago I was asked to be the editor on an advanced project and ever since then I have spent my afternoons in the dim coolness of the post production lab watching hours of footage to try to get myself up to speed on the material. This is one of the things that my recent semester of production courses didn’t prepare me for: the fact that it will take you HOURS to get to know the footage for a project if you aren’t there on set while it is being produced.

Considering that it is the summer and that the amount of actual production being done at the School of Cinematic Arts is at a minimum, this means that the hours of the Post Production lab have been greatly reduced. While this makes perfect sense (why keep the post production lab open all hours of the day or night if only a handful of people are going to make use of it) it also means that my life was beginning to revolve around those precious few hours when I had access to the editing software.

I decided that it was time to invest in my very own copy of Avid.

As a student, it was possible to procure this for a reasonable price from the University bookstore, so I went and bought a copy and had the Curmudgeonly Lion install it on his computer: a demigod granddaddy of computing power with four monitors and a pedigree of impressive components designed for a superlative gaming experience.

As it turns out, what is good for gaming is also good for video editing.

So yesterday was spent immersed in channeling the impressive power of Thor (the name of the computer- no joke) towards the task of installing and running Avid- a time consuming and baroque exercise that will allow me to edit at home saving precious time and gasoline. With luck.

So that is my excuse for not writing. And I’m sticking to it.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 25, 2014.

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