That's HAWT.... right?

That’s HAWT…. right?

I’ve never been very big on manicures: I work with my hands a lot so long nails and smooth cuticles are the exception, not the rule. It’s pretty rare for me to have all my fingernails long at the same when it happens I usually find myself wondering how long it will last.

Recently, though, it actually lasted for nearly a month. I visited my high-school best friend in Denver back in May who is one of the least girly-girl people that I know- even less girly-girl than me (I wear pink sometimes. She does not.) Her one outright display of femininity is painting her fingernails. So since she was at it she went ahead and painted mine as well. Having painted nails was nice for a change of pace and the nail polish actually stayed intact for nearly a week before it began to get ragged around the edges. Since  it had lasted so long I decided to get some clear nail polish from the dollar store and see how much longer I could keep up the conceit.

My experimentation with long nails ended this morning. They were just too long- I couldn’t handle them anymore. Keyboards were a nightmare- typing involved a new, uncomfortable, hyper-extension of the wrist just to avoid hitting multiple keys; one with my fingertip and another with my fingernail. Holding a pen was difficult when writing and nearly impossible when drawing. And touch screens- already one of my pet peeves- were nearly out of the question.

It was fun while it lasted, but I think I’ve discovered my limits when it comes to vanity. I can’t imagine how women function in acrylic nails. It is pretty clear to me that long nails are a status symbol that say “I don’t need to do anything with my hands”. It is a status symbol that says “I don’t need to be useful”.

I’d rather be useful.

I actually did enjoy having the clear nail polish, so maybe I will be able to find a happy medium between vanity and practicality. In the meantime, I have other stuff I need to do.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 27, 2014.

One Response to “ManiCured”

  1. I love having manicured nails. But as I type a lot, both for work and for other work, I keep them short, but still long enough that they don’t interfere with my typing. Acrylic nails were a god send to me when I was younger though. They kept me from biting my nails. I mean, if you’re determined enough, you can gnaw those suckers off, for sure, but it takes a kind of determination I don’t have. Plus, having them look nice all the time, appealed to my girly side (which is pretty hefty) so…nail biting was cured!

    But I totes understand how nails that get too long just interfere with everyday life. And nails like the one’s in the photo up top? I can’t EVEN….

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