A Two Cent Day

How about TWO pennies for your thoughts?

How about TWO pennies for your thoughts?

I found a penny on the ground while I was at the grocery store. I picked it up without thinking too much about it and I put it in my pocket. Good luck for me.

Later, I was cleaning the apartment and the vacuum cleaner started making a funny noise so I decided to take apart the power head to see if I could figure out what was the matter. It is a modern vacuum where the brush from the power head is designed to be removed regularly to allow users to clean out the hair and other debris that gets tangled in it. In our household this is a valuable trait indeed. This means that instead of needing a screwdriver, it is possible to take apart the vacuum cleaner with a coin. So, remembering the penny I’d found earlier, I reached into my pocket and used it to pull apart the vacuum cleaner’s power head. (Or, rather, I handed it to the Curmudgeonly Lion to pull apart the vacuum cleaner’s power head).

After the vacuum cleaner problem was sorted out the Curmudgeonly Lion handed the coin back to me.

“They’re making two cent coins now?” He asked.

“No, why?” I said in surprise.

“It has a 2 on it.”

He handed me the coin. It did indeed have a two printed on one side. The other side had a face that I didn’t recognize. After inspecting it in better light I realized that it was a two cent euro that I had mistaken for an ordinary penny. I don’t recall ever seeing a two cent euro before: the last time I was in Europe was over ten years ago (alas!) and currency had changed quite a bit since then.

So it was something novel that happened during an otherwise boring (but productive) day spent cleaning house and running errands. I finished another library book and  learned how to do a two octave scale on the bass (both major and minor and pentatonic major and minor: I’m still not very good at it, but I’m legitimately getting a blister on my fingertips so that surely must count for something). I did laundry and turned in the recycling and finally went to the storage unit and emptied out the back of our minivan- which probably needs that I will be needing some or all of the things I just offloaded within the next week or so, because of Murphy’s Law, but I accomplished it.

So all in all it was a good day; not extraordinary, but productive. A two cent day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 18, 2014.

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