Steady...... steady.....

Steady…… steady…..

Sometimes I think too much.

This may or may not be a bad thing. In general I enjoy thinking and exploring ideas: it is part of the reason why I don’t mind driving long distances- plenty of time to think. There are times, though, when I think too much, or I get wrapped up in the wrong thoughts, and I find myself unable to move forward and do anything with my day. These are usually the times when I begin to feel overwhelmed because I have dozens of thoughts whirling around in my head and I’m trying to divide my attention between them all.

I really only have enough attention to do one thing at a time. Maybe two.

I’m beginning to learn that I’m a tactical thinker rather than a strategic thinker: I work better when I have a single, clear, goal in mind and I work my way towards it by focusing on each individual step rather than trying to map out the whole path.¬† It’s a rather plodding way of making progress: slow and steady wins the race and a journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step and so on, but it seems to get the job done.¬†This has its advantages and its disadvantages. On one hand it requires a certain amount of faith that the individual steps will be in the right direction, but on the other hand it allows me to dedicate all my resources towards whatever step is at hand. Sometimes knowing the whole plan stresses me out. Sometimes not knowing the whole plan stresses me out. Sometimes it is difficult to know which state of mind I am in. Which stresses me out.

Like I said: sometimes I think too much.

And then there are days like today when I have trouble focusing on anything at all. It’s a beautiful summer day and all that I really want to be doing is taking a nap outside in the shade and maybe reading a book for a while, but I know that I have other things that need to be done and I’m trying to find the right balance between the two. I suppose it is just a matter of balance and that striking that balance is just a matter of practice.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 23, 2014.

One Response to “Thinker”

  1. Isn’t tactical thinking the same as strategic? I think I am similar/the same. And, it’s when I reveal my tactical/strategic thinking to others that someone–usually my one sister–who says I think too much or make something more difficult/complex than it needs to be. The rest of the family usually shuts down much sooner with steam coming out their ears. Even the one sister has been known to tune out and wander into her “smart” phone world when I start talking. And, sadly, I fail to follow her talk at times, usually when she’s discussing work stress.

    I have come to the conclusion we would not be troubled by thinking “too much” (which I think is bogus talk and am tired of hearing it) if we interacted with people more often. Just as we would be troubled by how many times we went to the bathroom if we did nothing else all day. We don’t think about going to the bathroom when we are tied up with other business. It’s just something we do when our innards pull our strings, telling us to stop a minute. We neither should be stuck with excess thinking time nor busy ourselves so much that we can’t make time to think and/or pee/poop. Everybody poops. And, everybody thinks. Sure, some–particularly Taurus people, apparently–eat less, spend more time in the bathroom and aren’t as creatively minded as I seem to be. But, I’m not alone with my maladies, am I?

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