Journey Of A Thousand Steps

I always imagine the distant mountain looking like Taos Mountain.

I always imagine the distant mountain looking like Taos Mountain.

You’ll have to forgive me if I ramble. My thoughts are stacked up all around me without any sense of organization so I am writing half with the intention of getting my mind in order and half with the intention of saying something meaningful. These two goals are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but the final result might not be as balanced as I hope.

Earlier in the week I spent three days helping a classmate shoot a short film as a submission to Project Greenlight. Two of the three days were spent deep in the hills of the Angeles National Forest in the blazing August sun. It was a battle for me to avoid sunburn (and it was not a clear victory) but worth the trip. It was a great little project with a compact, hardworking production team and the finished project is a three minute film that we are all very proud of. The director shared the finished film today so that everybody who helped out on it could see it and it was rewarding to see all our efforts translate so well to the screen. Even if the Project Greenlight judges don’t choose it, apparently Hulu is already interested in having it.

No sooner did the Project Greenlight film wrap than I was back at work on the project that we are developing for the fall semester’s production class. I’m one of the two producers responsible for getting this bad boy off the ground and it is quite a feat of endurance and dexterity to keep everything moving forward. The Curmudgeonly Lion is already beginning to feel the pangs of widowhood as my schedule becomes more and more involved with production related obligations. I struggle every day to find the right amount of balance between my desire for summertime relaxation, organization and solitude and the choking anxiety that I might be falling behind on my preparations.

So far I haven’t cried.


I secretly hope that if I do enough now then I won’t be a basket case when classes actually begin.

Complicating this plan, however, is the fact that I have several other balls in the air and plates that I need to keep spinning at the same time. I’m in the fine-tuning stage of a thesis film that I have been editing over the summer- another great little project that has a lot of potential except that my focus is becoming increasingly divided. I am learning that I need to prioritize my projects in a strict order based upon when I committed to them. I committed to the editing of this thesis film before I committed to producing so I make an effort to schedule my producing meetings around my editing meetings and so forth. So today I met with the director on that project today to look over the newest cut and figure out how best to move forward. We are in good shape, but I have to keep reminding myself of this fact.

Next week an even older obligation will be taking all my concentration: the annual Sony Online Entertainment Live  convention in Las Vegas. I committed to this back in the spring and, while I shouldn’t feel guilty about it (it’s a prior obligation after all) I do feel a bit awkward when I have to bring it up in the context of “by the way, next week I can’t help on any production/editing/meetings because I’m going to be in Las Vegas”. Of course, that is because normal people like to go to Las Vegas. This is apparently a fun place. Unless you’re an Introvert.

I am looking forward to going because it is a great event and we have been going long enough to begin to recognize some familiar faces, but at the same time I am dreading it because I know it is going to be a marathon within a marathon within a marathon. Marathoniception. A tri-marathon. Somehow my summer vacation turned into an Ironman competition.

So I’m making an effort to handle it all as best as I know how: one task at a time on a very long To Do list. I’ll get there eventually. I’m not sure where “There” is yet: Christmas vacation, perhaps; the peak of a distant mountain s0mewhere ahead of me and I am moving towards it one step at a time.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 8, 2014.

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  1. Good luck with all the juggling! That is a smart way to prioritize projects, I’ve been doing something similar. There are so many things I want to work on, but I won’t allow myself to until I finish/catch up on my already-established commitments.

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