Best advice ever.

Best advice ever.

My brain is full of auditions.

We spent eight hours, nearly non-stop, in auditions today for the upcoming fall production. We had great actors come out and it was time well spent, but it’s possible that eight hours is a slight overcommitment when it comes to auditions. Really, we are realizing, it probably should’ve been closer to four.

I guess this is part of what the learning curve is all about when it comes to filmmaking: it’s as much a process of learning the limits of a crews endurance as it is knowing the range of their skills. Because everybody fatigues and no one does their best when they are tired.

This reminds me of running: something that, alas, I haven’t had the energy for in over a week now. I read somewhere that one of the reasons why it takes so much training to run a marathon is the fact that you need to get your body used to working so hard for so long at a repetitive task. You have to learn how to stay focused. You have to learn how to not get lazy with your knees and ankles just because your legs are getting tired. You have to learn just how much work it takes to keep going once your body runs out of blood sugar to burn. These are not difficult tasks, but they are tasks that have to be experienced to be understood.

It is similar with team sports like filmmaking: how long can you keep six people focused on a single task? When is it worth making someone wait so that someone else can take a break? How much time do you need to plan ahead so that lunch arrives before everybody gets “hangry”. I am constantly amazed at how closely running and filmmaking mirror one another. I continue to believe that one of the best pieces of advice that I ever got was to train for filmmaking like it is a sport: to stay in shape and eat well (or try to anyway) and to treat it like a physical event.

Now that I’m sitting here writing this, though, I find myself longing to go running again. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to summon up the energy to do so.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 9, 2014.

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