Last Night Of Freedom

I figured I was just going to watch a movie, but when you get to take a picture with the stars you just don't say no...

I figured I was just going to watch a movie, but when you get to take a picture with the stars you just don’t say no…

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. I’ve been waiting for this day like Christmas (which I just now realized that the date of the  start of classes is coincidentally  the 25th as well) which makes tonight like Semester Eve.

I celebrated by doing nothing.

To be fair, yesterday turned out to be an adventure of unexpectedly epic proportions: I  spent the afternoon working on auditions for the upcoming film and then had a producing team meeting followed by a budget meeting- all of which felt like big steps forward. As a result I was feeling more energized than I had all week, so when the Curmudgeonly Lion texted me and asked if I wanted to attend a film festival where not one, but two different friends had films premiering, I decided to go.

The festival, the Action On Film festival was in Monrovia- a city that I’d only ever heard of and never actually visited. I understood it to be “somewhere near Pasadena”. It had so happened that earlier in the afternoon Monrovia had come up as a topic of conversation for the fact that it is the headquarters of Trader Joe’s- a strange little moment of serendipity that I found secretly delightful.

So I drove to Monrovia.

The friend that I was going to see was Brooke Lewis, and the film she was in was a sci-fi film called “Starship Rising” (she played a fighter pilot). I won’t say too much about the story- the film is available on iTunes so you can check it out for yourself- but I was extremely impressed with the number of active female characters in the story. It was an impressive ratio for any film, but especially for a genre film. The characters actively moved the plot forward and didn’t need nudity to do so. Impressive. Most impressive.

It was a fun evening that ran into the wee hours of the morning but seemed like it was worth it. The morning after was less so: it turns out that you can get hungover from Dr Pepper and movie theatre popcorn. At least when you’re an old fart like me who thinks anything after midnight is “really late”.

So I decided to spend today staying home and doing nothing.

Well, not strictly nothing: I finally took a bunch of stuff back to storage and put my redneck recliners (seats from my minivan that were being stored in the living room) back into the van. I watched “Saving Mr Banks” and cried like a baby (“Mary Poppins” always hits me in the feels) and went for a run. And grocery shopped. And organized paperwork. And generally tried to get my house in order. Not exciting stuff, but much needed maintenance.

To top it all off, the Curmudgeonly Lion surprised me at dinner by making hot fudge sundaes for dessert in honor of my family’s tradition of having banana splits on the first day of school. He decided it would be a good idea to celebrate early since my first day of classes is likely to keep me out of the house until nine or ten tomorrow night. It wasn’t just a good idea- it was a great idea and a wonderful surprise that I completely did not see coming. (Even I hadn’t made plans for banana splits for dinner.) Husbands, right?

So I’m feeling nervous, but good, for tomorrow. Back to school we go, apple in hand. 🙂

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 24, 2014.

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