Panic Much?

Lunch bag and all.

Lunch bag and all.

It’s the first day of classes, which means that it has been a day full of emotional extremes.

At the moment I am in a holding pattern waiting for an evening class to begin. It is quiet and I would love to be fooling around on the internet except that the internet only seems to be working sporadically. Right now it is working, but I don’t know how long it will last. It’s like the university didn’t expect thousands of students to suddenly be trying to access the wifi or something.

On top of this, I discovered that my university email account had stopped forwarding messages to my regular email address. I typically set up all my email addresses to redirect to the interface that I log into the most often so that I can always see when messages come in. I’d noticed a sudden drop off in the number of emails that I’d been getting for screenings, but since I wasn’t expecting any specific messages I didn’t know that I wasn’t receiving them. Until I found out that one of the classes had emailed out assignments for the first day of classes. Which is today. So there was a moment of panic. And a second moment of panic when I was trying to log into the university email account with a spotty internet connection. And a third moment of panic when I was then trying to send in the assignment at the last minute with a spotty internet connection. Not the kind of first impression that I was hoping to make.

And so on.

Aside from that, it has been a pretty good day. The first day of school still feels like the first day of school no matter how old you get. My Mom would always take pictures of my siblings and myself on our first day of school- decked out in our back to school clothes and backpacks and lunchboxes. I decide it would be fun to relive my school days, so I had a friend take a photo of me with all my first-day-of-school accoutrements in front of the Fairbanks Fountain at the cinema school to send to my folks for the sake of nostalgia.

So this is what the first day of school looks like for a grad student in their thirties.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 25, 2014.

4 Responses to “Panic Much?”

  1. Great picture! It takes me back to those first days of school too. I have to ask about the umbrella… Does it rain enough in CA to carry one or is it used as a parasol?! 🙂

  2. I have so many of those back to school photos of you all! I love them, and this one is quite special. You look great!

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