In The Grove

Are you eyeballing me?

Are you eyeballing me?

Date night!

An opportunity came up for the Curmudgeonly Lion and I to get into a preview screening of “The Gambler”- a movie that the Curmudgeonly Lion was keen to see (which, in itself, is a rarity). So we schlepped ourselves across town to The Grove mall during rush hour to make it to the screening: an experience that was, surprisingly, not as bad as I would have expected. Even The Grove itself was pleasantly festive without being overcrowded with holiday shoppers.

The movie was well done- I won’t say too much except that it was deeper and more philosophical than I expected from the trailers. I’d certainly recommend it as  a well crafted film and I thought the sound was very well done. This might sound like I am damning it with faint praise: “Oh, well, the sound was good anyway,” but that’s not the case: ever since starting grad school I’ve discovered a much greater appreciation for movie- sound than I ever had before. I certainly notice things like sound much more.

It turns out that I’m not the only one looking at movies differently anymore. During the film the Curmudgeonly Lion leaned over to me and whispered:

“You’ve ruined movies for me.”

I asked him what he meant since it seemed like he might be halfway through making a point.

“Cuz I’m trying to guess how far away they had to put the camera so that it didn’t show up in the mirrors.”

“Welcome to my world.” I told him.

I still enjoy watching movies. This is actually a bit of a surprise to me considering how much more detail oriented I am. I find myself trying to place locations. I find myself admiring smooth camera moves and focus pulls. I listen to the sound design with new ears. I think twice about what each cut means for the character and who is getting the power from the editing. I actually get some of the homage references to other filmmakers for a change.

In spite of eyeball-dissecting the film, it was a fun evening out. The only down side was that it was a Thursday night instead of a Friday so we both have to be productive in the morning. Ahh well. Details.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 18, 2014.

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  1. I ALWAYS wonder how the camera doesn’t show up in mirrors

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