Home From Home

It’s good to be back in the City of Angels. As wonderful as it was to have the chance to visit my folks and siblings back in Chicago, nothing beats coming back to home and husband.

I squeaked out of Chicago on the leading edge of some incoming winter weather. By the time we left the house for the airport there was already a layer of mushy snow on the roads and the plows had made a thunderous, but largely ineffective attempt to clear it.

The flight took off a bit behind schedule because of de-icing but was otherwise perfectly pleasant. I spent nearly the entire flight consuming a book about China called “Culture Shock: China” that my Mom had acquired around the turn of the millennium for a band trip with my siblings. It’s a little bit difficult to know how things might have changed in the ensuing fourteen fifteen years since then: 9-11, for instance, or the Beijing Olympics. I’m sure a certain amount of the information has probably changed but it provided a nice basic background a country that I know virtually nothing about.

It is quickly becoming my practice to consume an entire book in course of a single sitting whenever I fly back or forth to Chicago. Reading seems to be the one task that I can do comfortably for four hours- especially on these economy flights where there is virtually no tray table workspace to speak of. The advantage to this is a rare window undivided attention that I can dedicate to reading but the down side is that I then have the bulk and weight of a completed book that I carry around for the duration of the trip. Yes, this is a problem readily solved by an e-reader and correspondingly, yes, I refuse to use them.  Some things are worth the weight. Real books are one of those things.

So it is good to be home. The cats and the Curmudgeonly Lion are glad to see me and I to see them. It will be good to sleep in my own bed again… which its beckoning to me right now so I will wrap this up. Good night and sweet dreams and home sweet home.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 3, 2015.

One Response to “Home From Home”

  1. I agree, trips away are nice but it isnalways good to be home!

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