I could work on holiday cards or I could take a nap... decisions, decisions.

It’s amazing how productive I can be when I’m trying to avoid working on New Years cards. Part of me knows that the more days that go by the sillier it will be to send out a bunch of holiday themed cards now that the holidays are over but part of me (the wallet part) is still committed to getting them sent. I bought them after all. Took two tries to get them ordered which is partly why it is after New Years and they are still sitting on my desk waiting to be sent. It’s a convenient excuse, anyway: if I had gotten them when I ordered them the first time then I would only be able to blame myself.

Travel was also part of it. Nothing like being on the road to make it difficult to keep on top of one’s correspondences. The biggest thing holding me back, though, is the fact that I have to write a year end newsletter and I don’t know what to write. It was a busy year, to be sure, but finding a way to sum it up succinctly and in a way that sounds interesting but not braggy. It’s a perennial question, but some years I am more motivated to actually sit down and write than others.

I’m considering writing a series of highlights rather than a long form letter. Is the point to inform or to entertain? As my directing professor from last semester would say: one of the rarest things that we do is to give information just for the sake of information.

At any rate, the newsletter still needs to be written and the cards need to be sent out, but on the bright side I’ve gotten all my financial paperwork from the past two years in order and taken down all the Christmas decorations and cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, and taken the cats to the vet for their booster shots. So it has been very productive period of procrastination. Heck, if I put off working on the cards for another few days maybe I’ll write an award winning feature length screenplay or teach myself calculus. At the rate that I am going, stranger things have happened.

With that in mind, the next thing on my list is: go to bed. So I’d better, you know, get on that.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 7, 2015.

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