First Day

I think they call this "soft fascination".

I think they call this “soft fascination”.

It is the first day of classes. I’m sitting in the hallway on the second floor of the Cinema school waiting for an evening class to begin. It has already been a busy day of assisting for the sound class that I am TA-ing: the morning was dedicated to gathering equipment, the afternoon dedicated to teaching everyone how to use it.

As part of the class we all went outside and the teams were given free time to roam the campus and experience different sound recording environments in order to practice setting levels and getting familiar with the equipment. With the instructions to be back at the classroom at an appointed time before the end of the class period the teams dispersed quickly and disappeared into the campus at large leaving the professor and myself wandering alone looking for people to help. We decided to split up and walk around separately to keep an eye out for the teams: which is how I found myself walking around by myself on campus with no real destination in mind and no hurry to get there.

After a weekend of rain, the campus can only be described as “spring like” even though by the calendar it is January- and the beginning of January at that. After a weekend of rain, the grass was ferociously, remorselessly green: a color from the imagination of Lisa Frank painted onto reality. It had been recently cut and  smelled like summertime in suburbia. After a weekend of rain the air was surprisingly clear and fresh and the low winter sun cut through it carving out the buildings and trees and passing students from the landscape with bright golden silhouettes. After a weekend of rain it was good to be outside again.

Eventually we all made our way back to the classroom: inside, in the basement, in the dark and the quiet of the post production lab, and finished the class and everybody went their separate ways, but it was good to have had the time to do nothing except to wander the campus listening and looking. It was good to not have anything to accomplish for a little while. It was good to have no place to be.

I regret to say that I forgot to smell any roses.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 12, 2015.

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