Wait, people do this on PURPOSE?!?

Wait, people do this on PURPOSE?!?

Dang. Sometimes running just isn’t easy.

Today was one of those days: I went out for a run this afternoon that made me feel like I was dragging about thirty pounds of wet cement along behind me. You would think that I hadn’t run two days ago. You would think that I hadn’t run in forever. I tried to concentrate on my running music hoping to distract myself from the feeling of “OMG so hard!” but my mind was resolutely focused on whining for the whole run.

That said, I did manage to finish the run and that felt pretty good. I have to admit that it was also one of the more satisfying after-run-highs that I’ve had in a while: so I suppose the struggle was worth it in the end. This is always a debate: is it worth struggling and suffering through the work of a task in exchange for a successful payoff or is the pleasure supposed to be in the act of doing?

In general I am a big believer in delayed gratification: I don’t expect every task to fulfill my wildest fantasies of success, but running is one of those tasks I much prefer to do when I get the satisfaction from it right up front. There is no apparent reason why running should be especially difficult right now: I’ve been running a few times each week since the beginning of the year, I’m eating reasonably well, the weather has been clear and pleasant, etc.

Right now I’m still pushing to run three times per week, so I consider myself reasonably motivated to work through the drag-days like today (and Thursday) but as my schedule gets busier and I find myself with only enough free time to go for a run OR sit comfortably at home and read my book/watch TV/ nap then the amount of satisfaction derived from running is definitely going to begin to make a difference in my decisionmaking process.

At any rate, I made it out for a run today and now that it’s over I feel pretty good about it, but I certainly hope that this phase of difficult running ends soon.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 24, 2015.

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