Set Lull

I’m helping out on a video shoot as a general helpmeet. It’s a low rung on the totem pole for a change which I am actually enjoying although I occasionally don’t know what to do with myself unless someone needs me to run an errand or tidy something up. It’s nice to be the person being told what to do for a change rather than the person in charge: as nice as it is to be in charge it is also a lot more work.

We are just finishing up lunch and I don’t know for certain whether I will have a chance to sit and write again for the rest of the day so I am trying to squeeze in one quick post while I have the chance. And before my laptop battery dies- since all the electrical outlets have been commandeered by production.  The day started at seven in the morning, which meant leaving the house at six which meant getting up at five thirty: early, certainly, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it unreasonable. The only problem is that I will be in class until ten at night which makes for a very long day indeed.

I generally try to keep track of my film-related work hours on a homemade chart made out of graph paper and when I made it up for this year I thought to myself “surely twelve squares set aside for film hours will be plenty” surely if I find myself maxing out these days it will be the exception not the rule, right?

Wrong, evidently.

I suppose I can’t consider myself TOO busy if I’m spending my time thinking about how best to shade little boxes on a progress chart then I might be focusing on the wrong things: which might explain why I feel so busy all the time. Times like these: i.e. down time on set, is a tricky kind of time to navigate: what I really want to be doing with this down time is reading my book, but at the same time I don’t want to look like I’m slacking off so instead I’m working to look productive until someone actually needs for me to do something.

Well, on that note, I’m going to wrap this up.

Ha ha- no pun intended.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 11, 2015.

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