Almost Lucky


Oh, hello there. Welcome to MY day.

It’s Friday the thirteenth: a day potentially fraught with bad luck that actually went pretty OK. I can at that now too because in a few minutes it will be over.

Even though it is late I wanted to write something quick because I didn’t write anything yesterday and I didn’t want to start falling into bad habits. Yesterday was the first day in 2015 that I didn’t get around to writing something: forty three days in a row of writing only to drop the ball on day forty four. It wasn’t even many busiest day of the year so far: but early in the day, when I had the time to write, I had no inspiration. Later in the day, as I was running errands in Hollywood within eyesight of the Hollywood sign and pinching myself because here I was in Hollywood actually doing what I’d always wanted to do,  I thought: “this would make a great blog” but then I didn’t have time to write. You know, since I was driving and all. 

Murphy’s law.

Why is it that the best ideas come while driving or in the shower? The very places where writing them down its the most problematic? Maybe it is the very act of being forced not to work that makes inspiration possible, although there is a lot to be said for deadlines too. 

At any rate, it was a surprisingly smooth Friday the Thirteenth, all things considered. I found seventeen cents in loose change, made it to all my appointments on time, crossed paths with a potential actor (completely out of the blue a guy comes up to me while I was sitting at the on campus tram stop and asks if I am a film student. I say that I am and he says he an actor should I ever need someone. I got his contact info because I knew of a classmate who just happened to be looking for someone. It would be nice to think that it worked out.)

Good day and good luck notwithstanding,  though, it’s truly bedtime so I’ll have to write again tomorrow.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 14, 2015.

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