February’s End

Does this mean March is coming in like a Lion or a Lamb?

Does this mean March is coming in like a Lion or a Lamb?

Well, February went fast.

I suppose that is one of the problems of being a month made up of exactly four weeks instead of having an extra day or two. And it makes me wonder why February is always short- even on Leap Years- while January, March, May, July, August, October and December all have extra days. I mean, why not move things around by a day or two so that every month has at least thirty days? It wouldn’t be that hard: do we really need December-January and July-August to be back-to-back long months?

Just sayin’.

At any rate, for the last day of the month it seemed like a good day to rest. I slept in for a change. I watched “Real Steel” (Rock-em-Sock-em-Robots-the-Movie!) I worked on a project for most of the afternoon. I went for a run. I watched “Edge of Tomorrow” (Groundhog’s-Day-with-aliens). I just generally recharged. It was a nice change of pace.

In the wake of the recent rains here in town my evening run was a magnificent opportunity to admire the mountainous cloud formations over the city. Cloud formations are to Los Angeles what Perfect Days are to Chicago: they happen, but only rarely and it always feels like something special when you get to experience them. To the east there was a mountainous white bank of clouds reaching far into the sky and catching, at the top, the rosy rays of the setting sun. To the west was the setting sun outlining the clouds coming in over the ocean. Overhead was perfectly clear except for the golden scar of a jet’s contrail cutting across the sky.

I spent most of the run looking up. It helped keep me from looking at my feet and remembering that it had been two weeks since my last run.

So now it is on to March. If I’m lucky I will manage to keep up with my schedule a little bit better in the coming month so that I’m not playing catch-up quite as often. A girl can hope.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 28, 2015.

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