Spring Forward

Daylight savings time will be catching up with me in a few hours. The clock will spring forward an hour sometime just after midnight: a strange and fatuous ritual, to be sure, but I’m still looking forward to having more daylight in my evenings. I’m not looking forward to dark mornings, though, or losing an hour of sleep.

The Curmudgeonly Lion suggested that we turn in early to compensate for the time change. Good advice, if only I were able to follow it. Making it into bed was not the issue, but actually putting down my book, deciding to write this post, and get to sleep proved to be more difficult.

He,  of course, is good and worn out from a productive day of woodworking. By contrast, the most physical thing that I did all day was going for my evening run. I found myself realizing that I would have to move my runs back later with the time change. I hoped that this wouldn’t put me off of my routine.

I was realizing today, in the wake of my run,  how long it had been since I last tried to cover any significant distance. It’s a different kind of running when you run distance and it’s an impulse that I haven’t felt in a while. Part of me wonders whether it is just a factor of time and whether classwork and internships are just taking up too much of my energy for me to want to run more than three miles twice a week. Another part of me wonders whether this is just me being lazy because it’s easy to dismiss working out as unimportant when you’re busy with other work.

The true test, I suppose, will come during the summer.

The coming week is career week at the School of Cinematic Arts. The week after that is Spring Break. I have to admit that I’ve given more thought to Spring Break than I have to Career Week, although it won’t do me any good to ignore the fact that I will inevitably need to get a job once this Grad School dream sequence ends.

Guess I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 7, 2015.

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