On Task (Or Not)

Yeah, pretty much.

Yeah, pretty much.

In half an hour I’m supposed to be going to a Career Week panel discussion about how to break into the biz. It’s looking like I might not make it. This is due to no one’s fault but my own: I’m down in the post production lab working on editing some footage of a directing scene that I shot weeks ago and which I still need to send to my actors. The scene turned out well and, in truth, needs very little editing because the point of the exercise was to do the whole scene in one take- a “oner” (pronounced “wunner”).

Really what I wanted to work on was the sound. I thought that I’d recorded sound using a pair of lav mics (lavalier microphones: small mics that the actors wear under their clothes) but either the sound didn’t record like I thought it was supposed to or I didn’t download the files properly and I only have the sound that recorded with the picture to work with. This sound is OK, but falls prey to all the foibles of recording a scene without a proper boom: the dialogue gets too quiet in the distance and gets lost when the character is behind, say, the glass of a windshield. And wind buffeting. Lots of wind buffeting.

Ironically, the discussion that I’m likely to miss is on getting into Sound, so maybe this is a hint.

So anyway, I’m now going into the dreaded task of seeing if I can Fix It In Post. I’m resolved to get it done today. It has been hanging over my head for too long, and I’m going to need it for my reel in a few short weeks if I want to throw my hat in the ring to direct next semester. Procrastination: my mortal enemy.

Progress is slow and frustrating and I’m finding myself easily distracted. I spent about ten minutes watching a video of a piece of uranium in a cloud chamber (which thus renders the radiation visible). It was mesmerizing, but not a very good use of my time. And then there is Facebook, of course, which continually calls my name.

Well, I suppose it is now or never. I’m waiting for a file to export and once it is done I will no longer be multi-tasking, I’ll be procrastinating (again). So that’s all for today.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 9, 2015.

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